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Technical Characteristics:

  • Operation Starts: 1992
  • Kettle Dimensions: 10 x 1,3 x 1,6 m
  • Plant Capacity: 4t/h
  • Annual plant capacity: 24.000t

The covered area of the galvanizing shop is 680 m2· The plant is designed for industrial use. All temperatures (zinc kettle, flux bath, drier oven) are monitored and regulated automatically. The fuel used is propane gas (the fuel gases from the zinc bath are recycled through the dry oven in combination with the flue gases of a special propane burner).·

The continuous monitoring of the temperatures and the chemical characteristics of the bathes together with the continuous and strict quality control of the products assure the galvanizing coating quality in accordance with the specified standards.

The galvanizing shop is equipped with a 10m x 1,30m x 1,60m kettle and 2 overhead cranes, lifting capacity 2 x 1,6 tons.·

Our plant has also an ample storage yard of about 10.000 m2 for storing the galvanized steel constructions up to shipment.


BIOMEK ABEE galvanizes in accordance with specifications and practices contained in the following Standards ISO, ASTM, DIN, BS, NF:





ASTM : A-153-82-(87), Α-123-89


DIN 50976 - DIN 2544


BS 729


NFA 91-122


Painting after the galvanization and also a sandblasting facility,( in accordance with the SIS 05 5900 Standard), are also available.

The Clients can be consulted about the appropriate protection system to be applied (Duplex Systems) to secure a long maintenance-free period, depending on the operating atmosphere .

The final product is checked visually. Coating thickness is also checked in accordance with the specifications.

The zinc content of the kettle is checked according to ISO 1461

Conformity Certificate can be issued upon Client’s request.




All the procedures provided by the QA Manual, the Standard Procedures and the Technical Instructions are strictly followed.·

The quality control department is equipped with the following instruments:


Steel Structures Manufacturing :

Theodolite, Level measurement , Microneters, U.S. measurement of thikness

Weld Quality Control:

X-ray control, US weld control, Penetrant fluid check

Galvanic Coating Process Control

Electronic and Magnetic thickness coating measurement, Magnetic instrument for paint thickness measurement, Temperature control instruments, Density measurements of galvanizing process fluids.

Metal hardness measurement

Portable intrument

Illuminance Measurement