Polygonal Poles

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BIOMEK SA, in cooperation with TECNOPALI SpA studies, designs and manufactures steel lighting poles (up to 60m) for stadiums, ports and airports.

Our specialized crew is available for the erection and installation of fixed or hinged poles and all types of metal structures produced by BIOMEK SA. Our construction site department is outfitted with all necessary equipment (mechanical and otherwise) for expert and fast implementation.

Our After Sales Service is always at the disposal of our customer for scheduled maintenance of Lighting Poles (where required, e.g. Hinged Poles, Tilting Poles, etc.).

Polygonal Poles are classified in the following categories:

  • Hinged polygonal poles

  • Fixed polygonal poles with climbing system (safety ladder), resting platform and light fixture access platform.

  • Fixed polygonal poles with elevator and light fixture access platform.

  • Tilting poles


Fixed poles with climbing system

Fixed poles with elevator

Tilting poles

Special structures are manufactured for special application masts, according to international standards.