Special Masts

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BIOMEK A.B.E.E. offers high quality solutions by manufacturing Special Masts according to requirements and needs of our customers in order to suits their demands and cover market requirements.

The following masts are classified as Special Masts, according to use:

  • Fixed Rail Electrification Masts (Train and Tram)

  • Bus Electrification Masts (Trolley - ECT)

  • Surveillance Camera Masts

  • Small Wind Turbine Masts

  • Lightning Protection Masts

  • Lighting Masts with Photovoltaic Panel (Stand-alone Area Lighting)

Some of our major projects:

Athens TRAM, ECT (ΗΛΠΑΠ), Electrification of Proastiakos (SKA - KIATO), Electrification of Proastikos (Airport - SKA), Axios Bridge - Thessaloniki


Suburban Railway (Ska - Kiato)

Trolley Bus

Surveillance Camera Masts