BIOMEK ABEE was founded on 1996 and today has a leading position in the Greek Market in the business of external public areas Lighting (highways, airports, stadiums), Railways (electrification masts, portals, signalization equipment), Electric Power Distribution and Transmission Lines, Telecommunication Towers, and Steel Structures Production and Erection.

BIOMEK ABEE supplies the market with complete solutions, starting from the calculation study, electromechanical designing, fabrication, galvanizing to the installation of the structures (our company supplies), including also the maintenance during the operation period.

BIOMEK ABEE is the most reliable choice as far as it concerns the quality of the products , the function of the installations and the Client service at long term period. The products and services are at very competitive prices and the ratio between quality over sale price is at high level. Besides the knowledge and the long experience of the personnel ΒΙΟΜΕΚ ΑΒΕΕ cooperates exclusively with the Italian company TECNOPALI SpA a leader in the world market for the design and manufacturing of lighting poles and High Masts.

BIOMEK ABEE in order to assure the maximum of it products quality is certified as per:

BIOMEK products bear the CE marking.




Hot Dip Galvanizing

Technical Characteristics:

  • Operation Starts: 1992
  • Kettle Dimensions: 10 x 1,3 x 1,6 m
  • Plant Capacity: 4t/h
  • Annual plant capacity: 24.000t

The covered area of the galvanizing shop is 680 m2· The plant is designed for industrial use. All temperatures (zinc kettle, flux bath, drier oven) are monitored and regulated automatically. The fuel used is propane gas (the fuel gases from the zinc bath are recycled through the dry oven in combination with the flue gases of a special propane burner).·



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